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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 6, 2019 7:00pm-7:16pm CET

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this is you that we use live from berlin a reality check for britain's brings it renegotiation. in world. what that special place. in the looks like for those cool promoted wretched results even the schedule for how to cover it so you can europe's tempers fray justice arisa may prepares to go cap in hand to brussels as after trying to sell or deal in northern ireland also coming up another devastating revelation from the
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catholic church pope francis admits for the first time that some priests and bishops have sexually abused nuns we'll hear from a survivor of sexual abuse within the catholic church. it's great to have you along everyone i'm lalla iraq well they are the brings the deadline comes the more freight the nerves of political leaders seem to get on the eve of british prime minister teresa mayes crucial visit to brussels european council president donald tusk revealed mounting frustration over the impasse the underlined once more that the european union insists it will not reopen the existing brics a deal and he did it in a rather remarkable tone listen to what he said by the way i've been wondering what that special place. for those who
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promoted great feat without even a sketch of how to carry a. thinking. while to sew a statement it came at the very moment that to resign me was meeting with northern ireland's five main political parties as she seeks to break the deadlock over the terms of britain's exit from the european union socks were focused on a range plans for the irish border the issue remains the biggest obstacle to british parliament ratifying a deal. aren't for more now on all of this i'm joined by our brussels correspondent barbara bizzle she was present at the press conference given by mr just that has provoked a very angry backlash in the u.k. good to see you barbara i know mr tusk is known for not mincing his words and having a way of putting things very bluntly but even for him these are very strong remarks coming from the e.u. council president what was the reaction in the press room when you were there. the
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press room gasp collectively of course and then at the microphones when the two leaders knew of iraq of the irish and them all to school leaving the podium the microphones picked up said to the british press is going to cause you a lot of trouble for that and yes indeed they are already at it of course but this was the sort of well thought out and before hand prepared to remark i mean this was not off the cuff because we later saw that in the minutes off his little speech there it period exactly word by word. deliberate this so why does he do this one is of course that he is really really he feels deceived and he's been to london during the last year particularly over and over again he's tried to talk talk to the reason why he's trying to talk to the british top politicians and sort
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of trying to find common ground and breck's it in t. now sort of sees spinning out of control and if you really look at the market it seems strong but of course it's worded carefully nobody is actually insulted because nobody is named and of course ac d.c. springs to mind and the highway to health and maybe for hard line for executers. i don't think that reference indeed was lost on us for all reaction was fast and furious from leading briggs appears in great britain nigel farrar former leader of the euro skeptic party ukip tweeted this in response to. after breaks that we will be free of unelected arrogant bullies like you and run our own country sounds more like heaven to me. barbara i would say to shay there the backlash comments were immediate in the united kingdom. of course the backlash was immediate but there were also some scottish s.n.p.
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who said that this kid hit the nail on the head because it was exactly like you said here is sold to the british public a sort of exit from the european union that they hadn't thought about beforehand and they hadn't offered up a plan for and now sort of things are sort of just getting more and more kids chaotic in london and to sort of refer back to nigel i mean he has no reason to complain because he once insulted a european council president. and called him a damp rag was the sort of charisma off a bank director i mean really the two sides sort of deserve each other on this point i think and these remarks and i think what's really worrying come just a day before british prime minister to some a. brussels goes to brussels to meet with counterparts there does that that doesn't bode well for the talks. yeah but that was clear from the beginning because the
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e.u. at the moment has no presents to give to theresa may they really want to see for us what happens in westminster they want to see whether she can carry any sort of stable and reliable majority for any sort of deal they might offer her any sort of sort of change in the was droll agreement or if that is off the table is the reiterate again and again within the political declaration that might smooth the way for british parliamentarians to say yes to that was droll deal so that is something that probably this remark by don't want to was like a verbal smoke grenade something to sort of cover up the political reality on the ground and also to sort of log back at the other side the accusations that have been made for instance by some leading brick city is today again that said it's the intrenchments and infringements of the european union that causes the difficult situation and brussels says no it is really the hard line breaks the cheers who
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have no idea how to deliver what they promised but the reporting from brussels thank you. and i'd like to tell you now about some of the other stories making news around the world. the european commission has watched a plan tie up between a german engineering giant siemens and france's al stopped the companies were set to merge their real businesses so they could take on bigger foreign rivals but the e.u. anti-trust office said it would hurt competition and drive up consumer prices. the venezuelan military has tried to block humanitarian aid from entering the country by barricading a bridge at a key border crossing with colombia venezuela opposition leader one wedo says hundreds of thousands of venezuelans could die if the aid is not delivered. a multi-story apartment building has collapsed in istanbul killing at least one person rescuers are trying to reach at least four others who are believed to be
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trapped inside the building was home to more than a dozen families it's not yet known what caused the collapse. but how the church has been hit by another abuse scandal for the first time oh francis has acknowledged that i am ranking members of the clergy have sexually abused and raped nuns on a flight returning from abu dhabi france has admitted suspending priests and bishops for abusing women and promised to do more to eradicate the problem you. are all for more on this so i want to bring in doris risinger she is a former nun and has herself suffered sexual abuse by a priest and today she is a catholic theologian and author and has published a book about her experiences a very warm welcome where you're joining us from the german city of five books. what do you make of the pope publicly acknowledging that sexual abuse of nuns took
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place within the church. well on the hot on the one hand it's definitely a relief it's a milestone because it's the first time ever a pope has admitted these cases ixus and i think i'm personally and relief that this has happened on the other hand it's. that i'm wondering you know when the pope is speaking about what he has done so far i'm really wondering what has he done because i know many of those cases and i don't know any case spirit somebody would really have stepped in and perpetrate this but have gotten some sanctions so i'm wondering and also to the rest of the amount you know there has been these cases have been known for over two decades now and they have been known publicly at that since at least since two thousand and one when reports been more i don't know where to buy the new york times and back then there were no statement no
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reaction from the church so today after what you've seen and what you've just detailed as well how much faith do you have in the church that they will now punish and fight sexual abuse within the church. i'm afraid i don't not believe they take any. sanctions on any end to any proper. reaction out of these cases. the church only ever meant to put it cannot longer deny but. i don't have any hope that. their reactions of being taken know how you were to book detailing your painful experiences may i ask you to share with us some of what has happened to you. well you know i don't like to speak about it actually. i entered the convent don't have us nineteen years old in two thousand
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and three and at first i experienced spirit trip use various forms of you know i was not a rationale to read books i was not about to go out i was not about to contact my parents when i finished. and i had to do a very simple book you know collect cleaning and and and cooking all day long and that was very hard for me and in the end you know five years. after i had been treated like this that was a priest of the community who came into my room and direct me. and as i said it took me three more year as two to leave that community and after that effort i wrote my book i was contacted by other women who told me their stories and i did research being a theologian i did research on this and i found a study that was carried out in one thousand nine hundred ninety s. in the usa by three researchers and named chip doctor and world of and they
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asked of women from three different communities in the united states and found out that approximately forty percent of them had experienced various forms of sexual abuse and ever so shocked when i found that out and then i found that the report spend more o'donoghue and others who reported cases in twenty three countries from precedent over ireland african countries to the philippines versus says had been sexually abused by priests by push ups had been forced to have abortions had been thrown out of the convent even system as having tight. through apportions and ever so shocked on this especially because it was all known to the vatican already in the one nine hundred ninety s. and it was nonpublic the at least since two thousand and one and nothing ever happened and i'm really skeptical of whether anything is going to happen now but at
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least a pope has admitted these cases exist. how difficult is it after all that you just shared with us is it to speak out about this issue. i would say for many for many nuns it is next to impossible to ever speak about these cases because they're so dependent on the system they're sort of pendant french really there are none so cannot tell if they're convents because they're financially dependent the kind of build up and and i thought their own and their own and then they're also spiritually dependent on the convent you know their whole life their whole idea of themselves they have the book ation. depends on the convent and this religious system and they have no means to create a different identity for themselves and this is why they can't speak out because you should be inside the convents they don't have the support to report the perpetrators and to get justice done what would you ideally like to see happen now
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but i would ideally like to see that the perpetrators who are already known to the vatican that being persecuted i would like to see that the victims who are already now known to the vatican get some kind of a recruiting station and i would like to that more research has been done independent research all over the boat on these cases how are you doing now. well on the one hand i'm happy these cases have come out and the pope has said it at that and there is much attention to these cases right now on the other hand i'm right doubtful as to what is going to happen but at least they're speaking about these cases and i hope this helps more victims realised what has happened to them and come forward chorus rising up thank you so very much for sharing your very deeply personal experiences with us we greatly appreciate it thank you. thank you.
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